Series of photographs for the Day of the Dead Festival 2014 at the Oxo Tower, London.


Born and raised in Spain, Montero moved to the UK in 2012, since when she has been building a multi-media archive, which increasingly defines her art practice. Gathered from the ground at Valencia market where tired traders threw them away at the end of their working day, photographs Montero found, and which struck her as beautiful and inspiring, sparked a new ritual of collection, one which brought her back at closing time each Sunday. This organically evolved practice moved with her to the UK, whose street markets and car boot sales became thrilling new research libraries.

Upper Down is a series of found photographs that form part of the archive Montero has amassed, focused on the idea of death and its relation to uncelebrated but compelling everyday landscapes. Still, serene and silent with a faint edge of elemental darkness, they whisper to the subconscious to summon glimpses of the sublime.