Hello there

I’m a visual artist and filmmaker based in Donostia – San Sebastián and London. I am currently working on two film projects, after graduating in 2021 from the postgraduate course in Cinematographic and Audiovisual Creation at the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola in Donostia.

I have collaborated with Nomad Projects, working with artists such as Marcus Coates, Nathaniel Mellors or Lundhal & Seitl, acquiring extensive experience in site-specific installations and collaborative projects.

My practice, which blends moving and still image, is inspired by and often rooted in archival material and literary works, through which I investigate fragmented memories and our uncanny relationship with time, our environment and archetypes in cultural systems.


Selection of exhibitions & festivals

2021 | Rencontres Etudiantes, Cine FID, Marseille, France

2020 | ABC Islands | Arte Joven Castilla y León, Sala Unamuno, Salamanca; Museo de León; Museo de Zamora; Palacio Butrón, Valladolid, Spain

2018 | Voiced | The Land We Live In, The Land We Left Behind, Hauser & Wirth Somerset, Somerset, U.K.

2018 | Partial Vacuum | Working Title Festival, WorkSpace Brussels, Belgium

2018 | O Sole Mio | Visions in the Nunnery at BowArts London, London, U.K.

2017 | Voiced | Phytology, Bethnal Green Arts & Nature Reserve, London, U.K.

2016 | Attempts at exhibiting Conservatory | Residence & Exhibition at WorkSpace Brussels, Belgium

2016 | Happy Losers | #TRIBE 16 with La Juan Gallery, London, U.K.

Jornadas de Reapropiación (Mexico City, Mexico), ArtNit Campos – Emerging artist festival (Balearic Islands, Spain), En los límites, el tiempo del cinematógrafo in La Posta Foundation (Valencia, Spain); The Day of the Dead Festival (London, U.K.); femCode <Arte + Mujeres + Tecnología> (Valencia, Spain)

Careless Talk

16mm / 1.33:1 / sound / bw / 10 min / 2021

A fast-paced conversation and the ambiguous portrait of a woman explore questions which pandemic restrictions triggered from a social, cultural and political standpoint.

Kennedy, the 8th continent and the Anthropocene

This video-essay delves into the double-edged sword of knowledge in society, the importance of our ruins as a past that needs to be taken into account and how humanity lives a crucial moment facing its own future. 

O Sole Mio

A house is slowly flooded while the famous Italian song ‘O sole mio’ plays. The viewing of this mock up dramatic sequence counterposing the romantic song brings up a surreal, dream-like piece that plays around with our collective imaginary.

Hacer Cine

Hacer cine is a collaboration with music artist duo Magam Creación Musical about the process of filmmaking and the power that iconic elements such the clapperboard or the film soundtrack exert over our imaginary and expectations.


Assembled from autobiographical footage, Halfway is a film that invites viewers to observe and delve into its images shot in Kassel, Valencia and London.

Attempts at exhibiting Conservatory

Exploring the display possibilities of Conservatory, a personal archive started in 2012.

Partial Vacuum

There is an image but no vanishing point. There is an image but no center of attention. Instead, a small vacuum which equates to the vanes of the radiometer. An artifact in constant movement, as are our memories: fleeting, decelerating, gone. 


Site-specific, immersive sound installation created with artists Duncan Robertson showcasing custom work by six writers, poets and musicians inspired by the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, London.


To run away and get married with one’s beloved is to elope. I was working with the image of a horse when my friend Duncan told me what it meant. Thereafter, I could only imagine people eloping with horses.

I don’t get it

If life is a little bit slow and you are a little bit inexperienced when you are thirty years old, I promise you that forty years later you will understand everything there is to know and you will do it absolutely perfect. That’s all you need to know. At the age of 70 things could be better than they were at the age of 30. And I wish my mother and all my friends had told me this.